Saturday, November 1, 2008

On our way

Team Adventure's Sum is the Mongol Rally 2009 team made up of Brian, Yevgeniy, and Jordan. We are just three friends out to have the adventure of a lifetime and help some people less fortunate than ourselves. Jordan and Yevgeniy are currently living in New York City and I (Brian) live in Boca Raton, Florida.

There will be many hurdles in the upcoming months as we prepare ourselves for this trip. The first and hardest part was simply getting a spot for the Rally. This year, there were 300 spots which, according to the adventurists' website (the hosts of the event), sold out in under two minutes. Jordan was the one who secured our spot for this adventure which has been called both "greatest adventure in the world" and a "race against common sense". Whatever view our supports want to take is fine. The race is very dangerous and there is no support if you get yourself into a jam. But we look at this as an opportunity not only to see parts of the world that people can't even locate on a map, but also as an opportunity to raise money for some great charities and actually see the work that these charities are doing.

We just hit another milestone on the "tasks-we-must-complete" list. We just launched our website and set up our donation pages. You can find our website here:
Adventure's Sum Website

We also have 2 great charities for which we are attempting to raise money:

Mercy Corps, TAN project


Christina Noble Children's Foundation

In addition to these official charities, we are looking for sponsors to help us get the vehicle (which will also be donated in Mongolia) and ourselves, a good portion of the way around the globe. There will be a ton of media coverage and our vehicle will make a great place for those wishing to advertise in Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Central Asia and beyond.

We should be having another team meeting this weekend to discuss our vehicle and the matter of obtaining visas for the different countries we will be passing through. I am sure one of us will post our thoughts on these subjects after the meeting.

--Brian Sonberg


Ziegler Peeps said...

This is so exciting, as one of your parents ! A bit scary, but still exciting. Dad & I will follow your team & be your prayer warriors...we will pray you thru the journey. Is that ok ? !
Hope this is the right way to do this blog...never done one before.
Is it you, Brian, who's in charge of the blog?

Jordan's mom, Teri Z

Team Adventure's Sum: Mongol Rally 2009 said...

oh, sorry about not answering sooner, it's Brian. No one is really in charge. I think blogging is a bit new to all of us. I am in charge of taking this blog and cutting/pasting the content into our other 4 blogs. This is our official blog and we have the other 4 just for search engine hits. We hope by having more out there we will attract more people to our website....who knows :) And pray away, we can use all the support we can get, thank you!